This survey is to determine the quantity of all liquids on board of a vessel.


The following items will be measured:
-Fuel oil quantity
-Diesel oil quantity
-Lub oil quantity
-Sludge and dirty water quantity
-All logbook quantities will be recorded
-Fresh water quantity
- As option grease or other substances


The tankplan of the vessel will be verified, to ensure all tanks are to be gauged and the correctness of all reference heights will be inspected.
During measurements the lines will be inspected for possible alterations, if found the chief engineer will be asked to explain the alteration.
The weekly sludge/ dirty water quantity since the last de-sludging, will be recorded from the oil record book.

Safety SHE

Europoort Cargo Inspections has the highest safety standard. The vessel's crew is responsible to provide safe acces to the barge. According all international rules the bunker boom may never be used as entrance to the barge. Our surveyors have all necessary safety equipment to perform the job in a safe manner.