It is Europoort Cargo Inspections’ mission to provide our customers with professional, independent and efficient service in a manner reflecting our commitment to the highest standards available.
Europoort Cargo Inspections as an advanced inspection company, will therefore concentrate on maximizing the speed of reporting, whilst safeguarding quality, providing our customers with the best service.


Being a bunker surveyor is a combination of expertise and a straight back. Our job is knowing the trick(s) of the trade to get delivered what was ordered in the first place. There will be no filled lines, cappuccino deliveries, trimmed barges or adjusted temperatures etc.

We have an outstanding team of 10 well trained bunker surveyors with various non nautical backgrounds, our surveyors are incompany trained for there is, in our perspective, no suitable external training available. They do all in their power to protect the interest of our clients. All procedures are strictly followed to obtain the best results.


Our procedure prevents irregularities by checking the barge tanks as well as void spaces, manual temperature and inspection of paper tank tables.To maintain quality, we audit our surveyors on a random basis to check if they comply with the company rules/guidelines , safety regulations and procedures.

Our succes lies within the ability to provide our customers with high quality services.
Therefore craftmanship is the quality we aim for.


All our activities are subject to our Terms and Conditions deposited with the trade Register at the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam. At your request a copy will be sent. Our bunker survey programme is based on ISO 13739